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Is this damn rain ever going to let up? It feels like Seattle.... No wait, this is Long Island!!

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Finally some warm weather :)

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All of this snow and winter is only 1/3 over!! I am perplexed as to how mayor Bloomberg claims NYC has spent a total of 40 Million so far this year in snow removal. Any thoughts?? The amount seems a bit exaggerated.

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Writer's Block: Let the sun shine in

Do you believe in global warming? Do you think the sustainability concept is undervalued, valid, or taken too far?

After this past winter, I do not think Global warming will be an issue.....

The house..

Getting the front redone finally.. Ohh the surprises..  took off the siding in one area and found a brick wall behind it..  Wow..  Its like un-fucking what has been fucked..  Pardon the expression but that has been the story with everything we had to fix thus far...

Pictures to come...

Construction and renovation of a home....

does it ever end?? :

The water today

I got to go onto the Quad yesterday.. Today I took my niece and nephew on the Jetski..  Went tubing.... They had a lot of fun!!  I cant move a muscle in my body right now, but they had a lot of fun

The house is looking a little cleaner.

Phase I completed. The yard has all the debritis removed. I am hoping to get the rest done within a week :)  It was so hot out today.. Going into work at midnight for a maintenance...

Electrician is coming here early tomorrow morning.  Ohh boy.. another early morning wakeup.

Great weekend

Had a great Saturday out on the water..  worked Sunday. And thankfully the yard will finally be cleaned up............